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27 November 2009 @ 01:40 pm
Fullerverse trivia and scavenger hunt: Team Games Challenges part one  
How about some team games? Two other popular ideas for games were for trivia questions and scavenger hunts. However I'm too busy lazy unselfish to write all the questions/lists myself – you can join in the fun :)

For this first part of these challenges you will earn points by working as a team.
For the second part of these challenges you will earn points by working alone.

You have until Tuesday the 8th December to write and submit the scavenger hunt list items chosen by your team to this post (11:55 pm GMT; 6:55 pm EST; Wednesday 9th 10:55 am EDT)

You have until Wednesday the 9th December to write and submit your team's trivia questions to this post (11:55 pm GMT; 6:55 pm EST; Thursday 10th 10:55 am EDT)

ETA: as I haven't been at my pc much this weekend and won't be around as much this week to answer questions the closing date for the questions and lists you want to submit will now be FRIDAY 11th December at 7pm GMT

Here's how I propose it works:



I will write 7 questions for the trivia quiz.

Each team should set up a thread in their team comm and decide upon 7 questions to pose to the other teams; one should be true/false and one should be a multiple choice option. The other five can be open/any style. Be as obscure as you like; as long as the questions relate to Fullverse in some way the sky is the limit. You are not limited to asking questions about your team's show. There are some examples below.

Once finished, one person from each team will post the finished list (*with* answers, please!) to the screened comments below (Trivia questions) along with the team name.


I will gather up the questions and re-post them. Each team now has 21 questions to answer (out of the 28, because you won't be answering those you made up)

Each team member can then individually answer as many of the 21 questions as they can and submit their entry to gain points

Points for the Trivia Quiz will be as follows

Submitting 7 questions as a team – 20 points
Submitting less than 7 questions as a team – 10 points
If less than 7 questions are submitted by a team, the other teams will be awarded extra points for any questions that are missing; for example, if a team only submits 5 questions, the extra 4 points that should have been available will be automatically awarded as correct answers to the other 2 teams' members who submit an entry

Submitting 21 correct answers – 45 points (2 per question + bonus 3 points)
Submitting some correct answers – up to 40 points, awarded at 2 points per correct answer



I will write a list of 7 Fullerverse related items; there will be 5 pictures/icons with 2 other items such as a video or other non-graphical item to find.

In your teams compile a list of 7 Fullerverse related items (the shows, the actors, the creator, etc); one item may be a "find a video of" or other non-image item. I've given some examples below; be creative (but within reason; your team must be able to find evidence that the item exists!) and keep it clean (shirtless pictures but not full nudity, for example!). Icons, wallpapers, and photo-manips count as images.

Again, I will compile a list (one per team that excludes their items) and each team member tries to find urls of the items on the list. Points are gained by finding urls of each item.

Points for the Scavenger hunt

Submitting 7 items as a team – 20 points for the team
Submitting less than 7 items as a team – 10 points for the team
(again, the other teams will receive the points for any "missing" items)

Submitting a completed scavenger hunt list - 45 points (2 per item + bonus 3 points)
Submitting an incomplete list – up to 40 points, awarded at 2 points per item


An open question: What is the name of the café where the Reapers usually eat?
A true false/question: Wonderfalls was cancelled after only one season, T/F?
A multiple choice question: Pushing Daises starred
(a) Lee Pace
(b) Anna Friel
(c) Kristen Chenoweth
(d) all of the above

Fullerverse scavenger hunt items examples: an image of Jaye holding the wax lion; an image that shows the Pie Hole sign; an image of Rube holding a cup or mug; an image of Bryan Fuller smiling; a shirtless pic of Lee Pace; a photo of Callum Blue in "The Tudors"; a fanvid in which Tracie Thoms appears
Lisa: wonderfallsmeridian_rose on November 27th, 2009 01:41 pm (UTC)
Ask them here
Elisabethkissingdaylight on December 5th, 2009 12:47 am (UTC)
I'm really, really confused. Could you explain this more. I have no idea what the team is supposed to do or submit or anything really. (Sorry!)
Lisa: wonderfallsmeridian_rose on December 6th, 2009 07:37 pm (UTC)
Would a step by step guide help?
You make a post in your team comm eg QUESTIONS
Team members make up questions that relate to the shows, characters, actors, creators, of Fullerverse and post them as comments. I gave some examples.
EG person one: what animal talked to Jaye in the second Wonderfalls episodes
Person two: Bryan Fuller is American, True or False

Remember I need the answers as well!
You should submit seven questions. One should be a true or false question and one should be a multiple choice question.
If you get too many, choose your favourite/most difficult ones. Post your chosen questions to me as one list in a comment at this post and I’ll do the rest.
If you don’t have enough by the deadline (which I’ll extend as I’ve been away from my pc for a couple of days) submit what you do have.
So long as at least two people in your team help make up the questions it will count as teamwork; the idea is no one person has to think up all seven questions.

The same applies to the scavenger hunt. Make a post called ITEMS. Let team members suggest items that they think will be fun and somewhat difficult to find online. Again I gave some examples.
There should be six images you want the other teams to find (photos, icon, wallpapers, etc) and one other item such a video clip.
Submit your chosen items (or as many as you have) by the deadline as a comment to this post.
So long as two of you have made up the list of items it will count as teamwork.

If anyone else is unclear or thinks they can explain more clearly, reply here :)
Lisa: wonderfallsmeridian_rose on November 27th, 2009 01:42 pm (UTC)
Please include answers and your team name
Lisa: wonderfallsmeridian_rose on November 27th, 2009 01:42 pm (UTC)
Please include your team name