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02 January 2010 @ 03:14 pm
Sorry it's been a while. Hope you all had a good time over the Christmas and New Year period.
Under the cut are the results for the Lucky Dip Challenge and full details of points earned in the Trivia Quiz and Scavenger Hunt (and the answers to the Trivia Questions).


Here are the point values for the lucky dip parcels, and the names of who picked each one. Congrats to amanda1516 who picked the top prize!

RED: 1 bella_farfalla (wonderfalls)
PURPLE: 25 amanda1516 (reapers )
GREEN:10 slartibartfast (wonderfalls); kissingdaylight (wonderfalls)
BLUE: 3 wildalyss (piehole); turquoisetumult (piehole); rainbyday (reapers)
SILVER: 5 g33kischic (piehole)
GOLD: 15 dcfc_rule (wonderfalls); twolefts (reapers)
ORANGE: 2 beaked (wonderfalls); entwashian (piehole); autumnjoy (wonderfalls)

Total Points for Lucky Dip

Team Piehole: 13
Team Reapers: 43
Team Wonderfalls: 40

Team Games, Part One

Only Team Piehole submitted a list of trivia questions and a list of scavenger hunt items. They earn 20 points per list.

Total Points for Part One

Team Piehole: 40
Team Reapers: 0
Team Wonderfalls: 0

Team Games, Part Two: Trivia

Congrats to turquoisetumult who got all of the questions right, and scoops the bonus points as her team entered the extra questions.

Well done to rainbyday who made a great effort for Team Reapers, attempting both sets of questions.

The answers to the questions are at the end of the post.

Total Points for Part Two: Trivia
Team Piehole: 52
(35 + all correct 3 pts + unable to answer team questions bonus 14)
Team Reapers: 32
(26 + team questions 6)

Team Games, Part Two: Scavenger Hunt

I made a typo when I wrote the points at the original post (it read "Submitting a completed scavenger hunt list - 45 points (2 per item + bonus 3 points)"; it should of course be 17 points (2 per item plus bonus 3 points). I'll round it up to twenty points!

Congrats to turquoisetumult and rainbyday who completed the list perfectly (and made me giggle with some great pics and vids). Turquoisetumult gets bonus points for not being able to complete a bonus list; rainbyday gets the maximum score for completing Team Piehole's bonus list.

Total Points for Part Two: Scavenger Hunt
Team Piehole: 40
Team Reapers: 40
Team Wonderfalls: 0

Total Points for the Team Games Trivia/Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Team Piehole: 132
Team Reapers: 72
Team Wonderfalls: 0


1. Which franchise beloved by Bryan Fuller inspired him to begin writing scripts?
B - Star Trek
2. "Pushing Daisie"'s Chi McBride's real first name is Kenneth: TRUE/FALSE
3. What astrological sign is Lee Pace?
4. Which Fullerverse actor does this quote belong to:
"When I'm on the red carpet, most people say, 'Who the hell is that?' It's downright embarrassing."
Callum Blue
5. Which character says the following AND in which episode of a Fullerverse show?
If I'd wanted to hang out with geeks in leotards, I would've stayed in art school.
Emerson; Dummy (1x02)
6. Which "Dead Like Me" actress appeared as a character called Captain Teri Washington – and in an episode of which scifi anthology show was this?
Jasmine Guy; The Outer Limits
7. Which "Dead Like Me" actor was born in 1962?
Cynthia Stevenson (or Jasmine Guy)
8. Mandy Patinkin is famous for his part in the cult classic "The Princess Bride". What oft-quoted line is his character famous for saying?
"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
9. In which "Pushing Daisies" episode does Ned recount an experience with runny brie?
Girth (1.5)
10. Strange World, Angel, Firefly, Drive, The Inside. Who is the common link and how do they fit into the Fullerverse?
Tim Minear; executive producer of Wonderfalls (and also wrote 2 episodes).
11. Analisa is the middle name of which Fullerverse actress?
Britt McKillip
12. A sci-fi show had a shout-out to sometime writer Fuller; name the show and the shout-out in question.
"Heroes"; a character is named Detective Fuller
13. Pic quiz The photo below shows "Wonderfalls" actress Caroline Dhavenras in a recently completed short film. The (also Canadian) actor on the left who also wrote the film has a link to the Fullerverse. Name the short film and the actor for two points. For one bonus point, identify his link to the Fullerverse.
"One Last Dance"; Anthony Lemke; he played a firefighter in "Dead Like Me: Life After Death"
14. Pic quiz Name the character and the person portraying the character in the distorted picture below.
Delores Herbig; Christine Willes
15. Name the episode of a Fullerverse show featured in the distorted picture below
"Pushing Daisies". episode (2.6) "Oh Oh Oh... It's Magic"

Team Pie Hole's questions
1. Who was George's first kiss? Hint: It happened after she died.
Ronnie, the schizophrenic boy
2. In Dead Like Me, who said the following phrase: "A wise man knows how much he doesn't know."
3. Where did Daisy die?
According to this site, the correct answer is Marietta, Georgia, though I would have accepted "on the set of "Gone With the Wind":
Daisy Adair died by asphyxiation and smoke inhalation in Marietta, Georgia on December 13, 1938, although she initially claimed to have died in a fire on the set of Gone with the Wind and sometimes tells others she died in 1939.
4. Who is the actor that plays Jaye's father?
B - William Sandler
5. What charitable cause reaped the benefits of Chuck's beekeeping?
Honey for the Homeless
6. What word does Joy Lass despise?
7. Which actor played the character of Aaron Tyler in the unaired Wonderfalls pilot?
b) Adam Scott
7. What would Chuck and her aunts typically call a refrigerator?
Cheese Box